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Invisible Pet FenceDogs and cats are a bit like kids, telling them they can’t do something or go somewhere just doesn’t seem to work. So how do you solve the problem of restricting your pet to animal friendly rooms?

Traditionally you’d have to put gates or barriers up to restrict your dogs movements. But dogs (and more so cats) are sneaky and can jump over or squeeze under many an obstacle, so the obstacles end up becoming more of a human inconvenience than animal deterrent. But there is an answer with the Invisible Indoor Pet Fence!

The Invisible Indoor Pet Fence works by placing a special collar on your dog’s neck. You then locate the supplied transmitters anywhere you don’t want your dog to stray. If the dog does stray it’s collar will emit a short warning sound followed by a non-harmful electric stimulus (sounds more like a electric shock to me). This does remind me of the collars prisoners had to wear in “The Running Man” and we know what happened to the.

I’m still unsure whether to call this a cool gadget or animal torture device, but if you fancy giving it a try (on your dog not your kids )then the invisible pet fence is available from Hammacher for $129.95.

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john ludwig Says: May 22, 2006 at 9:45 am

a better solution that we have used for years is to run invisiblefence cabling ( in your crawlspace or basement right below the demarcation line you want to establish in your home. the pets quickly learn not to approach that line, it only takes one or two mistakes for them to learn. and my wife made me test the collar first on myself (the things we do for love), it is not that bad.

Ron Wilson Says: August 8, 2006 at 12:49 pm

Are there ones for cats as well?

Rob Says: August 3, 2007 at 4:40 pm

You should not run outdoor pet fence wiring into an open active loop inside your home. These are basically large copper transmission antennae, which are attractive to lightning. Besides being unsafe, this is a building code violation in some areas. So an indoor-only unit is the better choice and can be used in conjunction with a matching outdoor system. I would personally recommend a better (but more expensive) brand than Innotek, though…which is owned by Petsafe/Invisible Fence. Have a look at Pet Stop ( for the state of the art – and made in USA. The rest are made in China.

k9mythbuster Says: January 21, 2014 at 4:30 pm

These are great…until your pet runs through it, which happens frequently. If the motivation to get on the other side outweighs the motivation to avoid the shock, the collar is useless.

Not to mention the severe burns dogs have received when the collar malfunctions. Or that this type of fence does not keep predators out of your yard.

Then there are the many, many dogs I work with who develop serious aggressive behaviors after wearing these. $129 for the collar…$1,000 for behavior modification services.

Just build a fence.

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