Shocking (literally) Memory Game

Electric Shock Memory game

Earlier today we wrote about the electric shock fence for pets (though admittedly it wasn’t called that). Well now its the turn for us humans (again). We’ve already had the shocking ball game, well now we have a shocking memory game.

The shocking memory game looks and plays a bit like one of those “Simon Says” games you might of had as a kid. But instead of simply losing you get a shock. Features of the game are:

  • A sequence of memory tests, if you forget the sequence, you get an electric shock.
  • A central button triggers a sequence of lights and sounds.
  • By copying the sequence correctly immediately after you have seen it you automatically progress to the next level where the sequences get longer and more complicated.
  • 3 different speeds of the game.
  • Suitable for ages 14 years+ (though a low mental age obviously helps :))

It also comes with an interesting disclaimer of Do not use if you have a pacemaker.

Available from Amazon and I think if you’ve got your dog an electric collar then the least you can do is get your self one of these :).