PIX visual LED display

PIX LED display.

This looks quite a fun gadget from Korea. It’s a palm-sized programmable LED display that you can use to make custom, moving graphics.

The display features 177 red LEDs with each clip built up individually from 255 stills until you have the animation effect. You can store 3 different animations at one time.

The animations are written using special software that you can download from the manufacturer’s website. The software comes with a library of 28 different movies and clips that you can edit and download via a serial cable. I installed the software on my computer and it seems to be pretty stable and user-friendly. I even managed to make a “coolest gadgets” animation in about 10 minutes!

The LED gadget also has an IRDA remote transfer function, so if you meet one of these charming ladies at the disco (well I can dream), you can swap animations; or something….

The PIX disco babes.

The PIX LED display comes with a strap, software CD and manual, and runs continuously for 24 hours on two 1.5 V AAA batteries.

Available for £39 from KJ Global.