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Locking Picking Kit

When I was a kid (some say I still am) I always wanted my own lock picking set like the ones you saw on TV, but I had to settle for Star Wars figures instead which were also really cool at the time (Boba Fet ruled). Well it seems Think Geek have *finally* answered my wish list by stocking an authentic lock picking kit.

The kit comes complete with 9 different picks (stainless steel), 1 broken key extractor (stainless steel), 4 tension tools and a Leather snapover case. There is no mention of an instruction manual so how you’re supposed to use this to pick locks is anybodies guess.

Available from Think Geek for $34.99.

Disclaimer: As tempting as it may be please only use on your own locks, unless you’re sure nobody is watching**

**Disclaimer: That was a joke (okay not a funny one but there we go)

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