Shocking Cinderella Slippers

Shoe Stun Gun

As nice as the above picture looks, the beautiful model is also carrying a deadly weapon hidden inside her shoes by means of a 100,000 volt stun gun.

The Electric Cinderella shoes (as they are affectionately known) are designed to give a women an escape route from the worst situations. To activate there is a switch in the matching necklace or earring, this then causes the crystal tip of the shoe to glow (thus warning any would be attacker to leg it). Once the crystal tip is smashed (against a shin for example) 100,000 volts of “get the f%@* off me” juice are donated to the ex-attacker, very effective.

More info and pics on the Gizmag article Electric Cinderella Shoes – with built-in stun gun

2 thoughts on “Shocking Cinderella Slippers”

  1. 100,000V of electricity passes through the attacker’s body isn’t a joke, man. It’s probably going to tranquilise him on the spot, eventually become a victim of prey instead.

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