A business card miniature scanner

This is quite a cool idea. It’s a tiny portable scanner for scanning in business cards into your computer. I collect a dozen or so business cards on every trip, all of which end up in a mess on my top draw, ordered in a sort of last-in first-out filing system. I did a search and found out that the average businessman spends 28 minutes a day looking for lost pieces of information, but I couldn’t find any statistics for the average businesswoman. I’m sure it’s a lot less though…

With one of these HP gadgets, as you get a new card you can just feed it into the miniature scanner and it’s stored directly on your computer. The scanned images can be converted into text using built-in optical character recognition technology, and can be imported directly into Outlook – if you’re still using such a hazardous mail client, but I guess you can import the scanned vCards into another client fairly easily.

These miniature, black and white scanners cost only $70 including cable, software, and carrying case. Tell your boss you spend half an hour a day looking for lost information and he or she will either sack you, or buy you one of these like a shot.

Available from USB Geek.

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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I would like to buy the hp businesscard scanner but I woulf like to know first whether it supports Windows Vista and whether it can read business cards written in Arabic. Also, is it possible that you provide me with product number.



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