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Snake handsfree kit

It may look more like a snorkel but this is a hands free kit for your mobile. The Iqua SNAKE is designed to slot between your car seat and headrest, it then communicates via bluetooth with your mobile whilst you communicate via your mouth and ears with your friends.

Snake on SeatOne of the good things about this handsfree approach is the lack of installation and wire hiding, simply slot the snorkel SNAKE around your car seat, activate bluetooth and that’s it.

Snake 2Iqua have just released version 2 of the SNAKE, cunningly called Iqua Snake 2, which loses the snorkel like shape and does offer the extra feature of stereo headphones (for your listening enjoyment) though I must admit I preferred the quirky shape of version 1 :).

Further info at Iqua found via The Reg.

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Michael Sixsmith Says: June 1, 2006 at 1:31 pm

Hi guys, bought a snake 2 works really well. I have only given it the initial charge and it has lasted 5 days so far. Not on the phone a great deal but I would say it has lasted at least an hour talk time and 30 or so hours of standby. Will let you know when I have to charge it!
b g Mike

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