REAL Mine Sweeper on your PDA


R-PDAThe Med Gadget site is normally all about cool medical gadgets (we’ve quoted them a fair few times in the past) which aim to help people after the event. The latest post I’ve just read is way better than any cure as it’s a prevention, the PDA mine sweeper.

Canadian company NGRAIN have released a piece of software for PDA’s that serves as a real life mine sweeper, which in the current climate could be a real life saver.

The NGRAIN solution will assist the Canadian Forces with deploying mission critical NDMIC information on foreign anti-personnel and anti-tank mines accurately and safely to soldiers in field operations and those in mine awareness training.

“With NGRAIN, the speed at which interactive 3D content can be produced, distributed, and viewed means that Canadian Forces personnel have the tools necessary to execute the mission where and when needed,” said Master Warrant Officer Tom Stewart, Canadian Forces, J3 Engineer Operations. “The advent of the R-PDA capability represents a tremendous leap forward in our ability to provide first-class information that is unequalled by any other country and accessible anywhere, anytime, resulting in reduced safety risks through better training and instant access to critical information in the field.”

Soldiers will be able to search the Canadian Forces landmine database on an R-PDA. Soldiers will be able to interact with 3D landmine objects from many angles, including the ability to view all internal components in context with the CFLD database of valuable information related to the mines.

“Our high level of innovation is continually elevated by the demands of our customers in the military. Currently, NGRAIN provides the capability for soldiers to interact with 3D landmine objects on their desktop, laptop, or Tablet computers. Through this contract, the Department of National Defence requires this same capability in the field on R-PDA’s, so we will deliver a solution to meet their critical needs in training as well as field operations,” said Joseph Bailey, Vice President, Sales at NGRAIN.

You can read all about NGRAIN here and the original news article on Business Edge found (as previously mentioned) via Med Gadget.

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