MP3 player with built-in pedometer

by Paz

MP3 player with built-in pedometer

I don’t do the exercise word, and hadn’t even considered it recently until I saw this cool MP3 player with a built-in pedometer.

I guess many people aren’t keen on jogging, a session in the gymnasium, or even a brisk walk, because they find it boring.

Imagine how much more tolerable it would be if you had an MP3 player to listen to a few of your favourite tracks whilst toning your body. This gadget goes one better though, because it has a built-in pedometer so you can count how many miles you’ve covered and how many calories you managed to burn off.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the somewhat functionally named “MP121” player has a lot of useful features, including:

• 1 GB of internal memory (that’s 30 hours of music but who can exercise that long?)
• An integrated FM radio with
• Rechargeable battery
• USB 2.0 compatible for fast file transfer
• Plays MP3 and & WMA files and has ID3 tag support.

It’s even waterproof to 3 feet, so you can wear whilst your swimming too.

The pedometer not only measures distance but also has a calorie counter and BMI indicator, though I’m not sure how these work because they must depend on your metabolic rate, which is unique for each person and depends on your fitness level.

It comes with a pouch, armband and other accessories, as well as a bundled CD for your PC or Mac. The price tag is $189, which is a bit expensive when you think that you can buy an MP3 player for less then $10, but then again – what price do you put on your health!

The MP3 player is available from Oregon Scientific, though you can find other pedometers at Karate Depot. Found via Techiediva.

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