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Endless Pool

Joggers and walkers have the treadmill, rowers have the rowing machine, even skiers have their own skiing exercise machine. But what is there for one of the most common sports, swimming. Up until now if you wanted to practice swimming you’d have to have the money and space for your own pool or travel along down to your local community swimming pool, thanks to the Endless Pool you should be able to have a pool of your own to practice your strokes in, in a much smaller space (though still not exactly cheap).

The Endless Pool works by creating a variable artificial current, which you swim against effectively swimming on the spot using traditional strokes (rather than merely treading water).

The current generator used by the endless pool is known as the FastLane, and is capable of creating anything from calm currents for beginner swimmers right up to racer speed currents courtesy of the 5,000 gallons a minute water pushing propeller.

So if you have the money but not the space then the Endless Pool could be an ideal alternative to digging up your entire garden.

[Endless Pools found via Gadget Spy]

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GrimReeper Says: April 26, 2006 at 11:23 pm

I dont know if you only post new stories or if you just post things that are cool. These have been around for ages. I tried one out and its really cool. It gives you a workout but I doesnt feel the same as a normal pool.

Al Says: April 27, 2006 at 5:29 am

We focus on new stories but if we find something interesting that we’ve not seen before we report on that too

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