The mother of all multimedia armchairs

by Paz

Multimedia armchair.

OK, your wife hates you and your children don’t respect you, but you can be king every time you sit in this magnificent multimedia chair. It has built in speakers, and even shakes; converting low frequency, sub woofer signals into mechanical vibrations.

Connect it to your home theatre, or PC or PlayStation console if you’re gaming, and enjoy the ultimate multimedia experience.

The suede-covered chair (pity there’s not a leather option) not only looks comfortable, but is packed with electronics and transducers, similar to those developed for flight simulators.

There’s a 300W amplifier powering two 50W speakers mounted in the headrests. At the bottom there’s a hidden panel with volume and vibration controls, as well as an earphone socket for late night gaming.

The possibilities are endless; Colin McRae Rally would be quite a different experience as would the mindlessly exhilarating Top Gun; I’m sure you guys can think of more.

Anyway, I’m off to convince the wife that we need one of these chairs. Costing around $800 dollars each, I’m going to need all my powers of persuasion.

Wish me luck!

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