The Electronic Cot

Electronic crib

This has got to be the most advanced babies cot yet, the Intellicot is sure to give both parents and babies a good nights sleep.

The Intellicot has the following gadgety features:

  • Automatic rocking motion
  • Built in lifting system so parents don’t need to bend to pick up the child
  • Integrated video camera so you can monitor the baby in other rooms
  • An air circulation system to keep your child cool
  • and most importantly a large drawer for blankets 🙂

[The Intelligent Crib found via Uberreview and]

2 thoughts on “The Electronic Cot”

  1. The Cencio Intelligent Cot or Intellicot does appear to be far fetched, As a new mother / parent would you buy one? For the European market in general have smaller houses how can we expect to fit this in a nursery? not to mention the colour can you really match this with baby furniture? I assume the price will be sky high and after you have paid this what happens to it when your child grows up? By the looks of thing you can simply fold it away and store this for the next child can you? and what about warranty or if this breaks down? will the child’s hand get caught in the lift mechanism? and will the company be liable / of cause not. The baby monitor may be portable and wireless but who else can see this? I would imagine anyone with a wireless laptop computer or a identical monitor could view my child. I certainly would not buy the Intellicot, would you?

  2. Paranoia I am thinking from the first comment lol.. Someone with money will buy this, who loves gadgets duh!

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