The Outdoor Beer Fridge


Outdoor Party FridgeIf you’re like us you’ll enjoy the odd tinnie and barbecue in the sunny summer months. When you have guests round it can become a bit of a pain making trips to the fridge when ever peoples drinks run dry. That was until the roll bar came along.

The roll bar may look like a cross between a wheelie bin and a dish washer but it’s actually a totally mobile outdoor refrigerator. Once charged it provides 5 hours of ice cold beer which should be about the right amount of time for you and a few friends to consume the 57 cans it can hold :).

Available just in time for the BBQ season from Firststreet Online.

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Jose Says: July 11, 2006 at 2:34 pm

Este articulo esta mal traducido.

This article is badly translated.

Saludos cordiales,

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11 DE JULIO, 2006

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