The graphical weather forecaster and clock.

by Paz

The graphical weather forecaster and clock.

This is another alarm clock and weather gadget; but with a little bit extra.

Do you ever wake up in the morning not sure if you can face the day ahead? I mean those days when you could be swung either way by the weather, but don’t want to get out of bed to check the curtains. Well this graphical weather forecaster is just what you need.

The temperature and humidity sensors monitor the conditions outside and send back a signal just like any other weather station alarm clock. The magic of the graphical weather forecaster is that it displays an image on its 4 inch LCD display that’s appropriate to the conditions outside. When it’s warm and dry, it shows a picture of palm trees and under a clear blue sky and you can even hear the sound of seagulls and the sea as it rolls onto the beach.

When it’s rainy, it shows a picture of tulips caught in sudden squall, and you can even hear the rain as it pours down from the sky!

At $160, this gadget doesn’t come cheap, despite its ability to synchronise time, via radio, with the US atomic clock. But if you think about it, this is an incentive gadget.

If the weather’s nice, it’s enough to get you up and started for the day ahead. If the weather’s not so fine…. then you can enjoy a few more of those precious, 1000 dollar a minute moments tucked up in bed!

Found via ohgizmo.

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