Digital Tombstones

The Digital ThombstoneDeath is one those subjects people tend not to like talking about, however it still comes to us all in the end. Tombstones haven’t changed much over the last few centuries (or millennium’s to that matter), that is until now with the introduction of the digital tombstone.

The digital tombstone has a built in weather proof LCD screen which is activated via an infra red sensor when a mourner stops in front of the grave. The screen could then play a history of the deceased life or a recording of the memorial service. It’s not often that gadgets help the grieving process but I do feel that this one could.

Thinking about it you could take the idea a step further and have an online virtual graveyard where relatives even when far apart could mourn together yet enjoy watching the life that once was. I’m now waiting for the first wi-fi headstone where you can watch in the car if it’s raining.

[Found out via Uber-Review and New Launches]

3 thoughts on “Digital Tombstones”

  1. Wow, sounds like an investment il have to take when the time comes. It wouldnt be to cool that ppl would remeber me for my gravestone but at least everyone would know me for who i was not a name on stone.

  2. why would anyone pay thousands when you can use digital photo frame as it does the same thing and it only costs 20 euro!
    true or not?

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