The new multimedia glasses from KJ Global.

by Paz

Multimedia glasses.

I hope these multimedia glasses aren’t a hangover from this year’s April Fool’s Gadgets, because I really want a pair of these. The glasses hook-up to an external A/V port on your video player, and have built-in stereo earphones. I travel a lot and always have to take pot luck on the in-flight film, but with these I can decide in advance what I want to watch.

These glasses are the ultimate gadget for personal use, in fact you could say they were antisocial, but maybe you could hook them up somehow and share the experience? Also, it’s worth mentioning that you’re not completely blind when you wear them as there’s an opening just off the center of the visual axis so you can see where you’re driving!
(Just kidding Smiley )

Anyway, the manufacturers claim that the visual experience is similar to watching a standard 30 inch screen at a distance of two meters. Assuming that the display inside these glasses is about 1 cm away from the eye, then this would be a 5 mm screen, so I’m wondering what the resolution would be like.

Also I’m wondering what the long-term implications for your eyesight might be, having a light source so close to your eyes. Now that the iPod comes with a mod to control volume, will these video glasses come with a patch (pardon the pun!) to tone down the display brightness? Anyway, at a cool £300 a pair, I’m wondering how Al can get us a pair of these on our business expenses account!

Found via softpedia, or you can visit the product page.

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