CRT Monitor Carrier


CRT Carrier
We might be a bit late reporting on this as:
a) It’s in the clearance bucket at ThinkGeek
b) Does anybody still buy CRT screens

Anyway if you need to lug hefty CRT screens around, you can make the job a lot easier with a TFT GearGrip CRT – Monitor Carrier. The GearGrip is basically a handle that straps to your CRT enabling you to carry it like a bag, you can also attach the lose cables thus preventing back strain and accidental trips. Though if you did drop the CRT the insurance money may be enough to buy a much more manageable TFT ;).

Available on the clearance page of Think Geek or you could put the $22.99 towards the cost of something else 🙂

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Will Says: April 3, 2006 at 7:43 am

Good idea. But about 5 years too late!


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