USB Tanning Station

USB Tab Station
Geeks never seem to get enough sun light so always look a bit pale next to “normal” people, well that could be about to change thanks to the all new USB Desktop Tanning Center (with protective goggles).

Not due till April yet Think Geek have excelled themselves and already have them on their site. The USB Desktop Tanning Center attaches to either side of your TFT monitor (though may also work with older CRT technologies) and will give your face a healthy tan whilst your browsing the web. Features include:

  • Two base units attach to either side of your monitor
  • 4 WOLFFE Ultra-violet 100 watt bulbs
  • USB Powered
  • Variable rate knob features three settings (Powder, Tea, Malignant)
  • Comes with eyeball cover thingies!

For the full story check it out at Think Geek.

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