Google Earth teams with VW for next generation satellite navigation.

by Paz

Next gen Google satellite navigation

I’m always fascinated by Google Earth. I often zoom in on old haunts and places I haven’t been to for many years. I must admit, I’d never seen any practical applications until now.

According to Gadgetspy, Google have teamed up with Volkswagen and graphic card manufacturer nVidia, to develop the ultimate, future satellite navigation system.

For the first time, 3D images will be available as well as practical information about location, traffic jams, and the weather that you get with existing devices.

The problem with existing navigational systems is that the 2D display doesn’t give you a “feel” for where you are and is sometimes difficult to trust, especially for long journeys through unknown terrain. If you could have a real-time, graphical display of where you were, it could help build confidence and add a little spice to long-distance journeys, as I’m sure you can well imagine looking at the graphic.

As well as providing location, the gadget could tell you other useful information, no doubt from Google’s index, such as the location of the next gas station, hotel, restaurant, etc.

Apparently, the device is in its development phase. There are no details of price or launch date, but I have to say – I’m intrigued!

Found via Gadgetspy

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