Aurora colour clock – changes colour every hour.

by Paz

Aurora colour clock.

This is a cool looking gadget from Aurora. It’s a clock that changes colour every hour, on the hour, to help soothe those sleepless nights. In fact I could well imagine myself staying awake the whole night waiting for the next colour change!

The attractive-looking translucent alarm clock comes with twelve different colours, each bringing a warm glow to the bedroom. The makers guarantee that at least one of the colours will match the décor of your room for an hour a day! If you get bored waiting for the next colour change, you can switch to demo mode to speed up the process, and you can even switch the light off, but I can’t think I’d ever want to do that.

The 8 x 8 x 8 cm clock uses a standard mains adaptor or can run on 4 AAA batteries if you want to take with you when you’re away from home and can’t relax. Interestingly the clock functions at temperatures as low as -26C (-32F) though I have to say that even my fascination with this gadget would probably wither as the temperature crept to 30 degrees below freezing. But I guess it might be re-assuring to know that the alarm would still wake me up the next morning – assuming I lived to see the dawn break.

The glowing, ambient clock retails at £15 ($26) and, perhaps not surprisingly, is sold out at the present time. You can still place an order though; the next delivery is expected for April 8th.

Aurora glowing clock product page.

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