The record-breaking 7 mm cell phone from KFT Technologies.

by Paz

The 7mm thick cell phone from KFT

The Korean manufacturer KFT Technologies have released what they claim is the world’s slimmest cell phone, the EV-K100; code-named the “No. 7”. Actually, the phone is 7.9 mm thick, which makes it nearer a “No. 8” in my book, but I still want one.

My heart sank when I saw the 400,000 won price tag, but as it happens that turns out to be just over $400 (in real money), so I won’t have to hock the wife’s kidney machine to buy one.

Weighing only 60 g, it’s a fully functional phone with all the extras you would expect such as a 2.3 mega-pixel built-in camera, an MP3 player, and a 1.8” LCD screen.

Some might find the 165 MB of internal storage somewhat limiting, but that’s space enough for 150 songs (unless you’re a Pink Floyd fan). The manufacturers claim that the phone comes with a dictionary of 330,000 words, but they neglect to mention which language(s) they cover – Korean no doubt, because there are no plans to release the phone on the global market at present. This is because the phone is based on a communications technology that isn’t compatible with the GSM standard used throughout Europe and Asia.

Apparently, the limiting component in the manufacture of ultra-thin mobiles is the antenna, which using existing techniques and materials, needs to be around 7 mm thick to capture a reasonable signal. KFT Technologies refused to state the exact thickness of their antenna, but hinted that if you can lengthen the antenna, you can get round these limitations, but I have to say I’m sceptical.

I want one of these phones though! I’ll probably have to learn Korean to operate it, and it won’t work for me here in Europe. None of that matters though because: a) no one ever calls me anyway, and b) everyone in the pub will be jealous, and that’s more important!

More details of the KFT cellphone from the Korea Times

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