Why do gadgets fascinate us so much?

by Paz

Dr Erich Schneider.

This man clearly has a passion for gadgets.

The gadget shown here is a camera device for training would-be surgeons. But this isn’t really an article about a specific gadget, more of a discussion of our passion for them, and the causes of this phenomenon.

Why do we love gadgets so much? The answer depends on the person. Maybe some simply like to show off their novelty gadgets and make their friends envious. For such people it’s a case of, “look at me, I’ve got something you haven’t!”

Some will look at their gadgets as fashion accessories, and having the latest, highest specification model makes them unique and special too.

Others perhaps like the control that they feel they can achieve if they have a gadget for every function.

Dr Erich Schneider (shown here), and myself, fall into the category of people who haven’t grown out of their childhood love of toys. My first such toy was a crystal radio set, and I’ve never looked back. Today, twenty years later, my gadgets serve no useful function at all, other than bringing me intrinsic pleasure.

What was your first gadget? I’d also be interested to hear your comments, as to why you love them so much, but whatever the reason you collect them, express yourself and revel in them – like Dr Schneider!

The image is from the BBC News Website.

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Al Says: March 18, 2006 at 5:21 am

I think I’m like you on this Paz, still a kid. My daughter and I actually get joint presents off people at Christmas:)

Must admit a lot of the stuff I buy isn’t all that useful but it’s still cool to be a gadget collector.

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