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Bug Zapper
If there was a league table of truly pointless gadgets this would be somewhere near the top, probably just below the ice oven. As we know most software has the odd bug (even Microsoft testers aren’t perfect :)) well now you can pretend to fix them with the computer Bug Zapper.

The computer bug zapper, hangs from a hook and looks a bit like a normal bug (as in flying) extermination system, with it’s glowing yellow core of insect death. However the yellow light is just for show though it does make ZZZzzap sounds whenever a software bug is detected and destroyed.

I so nearly believed that this was the long awaited silver bullet of software development until I found that it runs on batteries and not USB! How low tech is that! I might try to get one of these on expenses from Think Geek, it’s probably more successful than 99% of the promised silver bullet books I’ve read :D.

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