The scrolling message bra – a cool cut at $500

by Paz

The srolling display bra

Here’s one gadget that will have to stay on my alternative Christmas wish list. By alternative, I mean that’s the list that I will use after I win the lottery, or when my rich aunty passes on; neither of which are likely to happen soon.

The $500 custom-made bra from Janet Hansen features a scrolling message LED display and is powered by a 9V battery, which can be tucked under the armpit or inside the bra itself, depending on the wearer’s vital statistics no doubt.

For those of you worried about safety and the possible risk of an electric shock, the manufacturers assure us that the bra is safe from moisture during “normal wearing” (whatever that means) and can be washed normally if you remember to remove the battery first.

I must say that this is one gadget that isn’t at the top of my wish-list, and certainly not my partner’s, but I guess if I were ever in a position where I didn’t think that $500 was a lot of money, it could be quite fun!

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