First Microsoft Ultra-PC Disappoints

by Paz

Samsung Ultra-PC device.

After all the hype before the official launch of the new Microsoft Origami hand-held, the debut of the gadget itself has been something of an anti-climax.

Having compared the functionality of the device with what’s been promised over the previous months; we have to say we’re distinctly unimpressed.

The Samsung version of the Ultra-PC was presented at the start of the CeBit Technology conference in Germany. Prior to the launch there was an all-out, viral marketing campaign with hints of an all-purpose accessory that would act as a digital assistant as well as play games, music, send photos and be a navigational aid.

The first ultra-portable PC was shown by Samsung who demonstrated something that looked the part, but fell far short of expectations – particularly in terms of pricing and functionality.

Firstly, the prototype models reportedly have a battery lifetime of only 15 minutes, and even the production models are only expected to last just three hour between charging.

Another concern is the cost of the Samsung set, which at around $1200 dollars, is higher than expected, and comes in at about the same price as a cheap laptop.

It would be a mistake to write off the prospects of the Microsoft Ultra–PC this early though. Microsoft and Bill Gates personally, have invested a great deal of kudos in the Origami project, which they hope will rival Apple’s iPod range.

Microsoft will detail the specifications of its own pocket PC later in the show.

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