Google Calendar – CL2 – Leaked Screenshots

by Tiago

Google Calendar - CL2

A Google service called CL2, also known as Google Calendar, will be available soon and in the meantime screenshots of this application have been leaked! This time they’re not fake
photoshop mockups like the ones available here.

There aren’t any exact specifications, but there is some information you should know:

  • This service will be available at . Currently there is a
    login and password form, but try to enter the data and see what happens. Nothing much, it will just give a “The page you requested is invalid.” message.
  • The slogan is: A calendar for you and the world – because you can mark the events as public for everyone to see
  • It is based on Ajax
  • Looks like it won’t be ready until…a long time from now. In its beta state right now, only 200 participants have access to this.
  • It will be integrated with Gmail and other services as well. With the creation of another tool to search for events worldwide, users will be able to have their calendar full of “stuff”. It’s not confirmed, but notification by SMS is a feature that will probably be included.
  • In terms of design, it looks very similar to Gmail. Same color, same style, same way of working, etc.
  • There is no need to create a CL2 account to view the public events.
  • Instruction of how to use this tool can be seen at There are a five ways of creating an event.

About CL2
CL2 makes it easy — even effortless — to keep track of all the events in your life and compare them to what your friends and family have going on in theirs. We’ve designed a calendar that works for you — helping you add events from email, friends, and other public calendars — so you don’t have to spend all your time maintaining your schedule. CL2 even helps you discover new events you might be interested in. We think it’s a great tool for managing your daily schedule, keeping track of what everyone in your family is doing, organizing events for a club or team, or creating public events that you can promote to the world.

Via TechCrunch

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