Temporary Graffiti


Neon Graffiti
This glowing graffiti looks fun and as it disappears in 5 minutes or so shouldn’t cause the usual upset. It’s a bit difficult to explain how it works (not that I understand anyway) but watching the video here is probably the easiest way.

There is also a Sketchbook with a phosphorescent page and UV-light marker which would be great for temporary doodling. Unfortunately you won’t be able to get your hands on one unless you have already.

Released as a limited edition of 20 pieces (which sadly are now all sold out), each light-sketchbook comes with a custom made LightMarker. The LightMarker is a recycled and customised EDDING marker that comes with a UV-diode tip, which, when used with this sketch book, allows you to recycle your sketches on the phosphorescent page until you’re happy.

You can then resort to permanent ink, or just keep doodling. Depending on the ambient light conditions, your drawings will stay visible for up to 5 minutes, which is still longer than many ideas last.

It does look an interesting technology, though whether they can find a use for it in the real is another question.

[Random International found via Yanko Design]

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