‘James Bond’ Pen aids UK Police


Spy Pen
A pen with a hidden camera inside the nib sounds like a gadget from a James Bond film, but police in England are using the Magicomm camera pen to fight crime.

The pen costs around $150 and looks and writes like a normal biro, but has a camera under the nib, which records everything the officer writes. The tiny camera lens is just 3 mm in size. The pen also features a Bluetooth wireless connection, which can be used to transmit documents via a mobile telephone.

After the end of the Cold War, it might be surprising to hear that officers are using a device that you would expect to see in a “007” movie, but the pen has practical applications.

Apparently, police in England spend up to a quarter of their time doing paperwork. Sometimes a minor offence can lead to three hours of paperwork and typing in computerized reports. With the camera pen officers, who aren’t renowned for their typing skills, can write down the appropriate information at the scene of the crime and it will be automatically stored in the police central computer. After having bought 30 of the special pens, it’s hoped that they will help improve efficiency.

Let’s just hope the police officers don’t mistakenly use the pen when they write out their Christmas cards – it could lead to some serious misunderstandings!

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