Unkillable Plants

Dinosaur Plant
I don’t know what color is the opposite to green but that’s the color of my fingers in a horticultural sense. I have the ability to kill household plants simply by looking at them (contrary to the obvious it’s got nothing to do with the fact I may forget to water them all the time). So I was quite amused today when I saw 2 of my favourite sites have 2 totally different solutions to my plant murdering tendencies.

The Think Geek’s solution is the Dinosaur plant. As the name suggests this is one old plant dating back 290 million years. The great thing about it is, if (or should that be when) you forget to water it, it hibernates (for up to 50 years). The Dinosaur Plant also survived the Ice Age, to me that makes it the tattooed rottweiler of the plant world.

Flip Flop Plant
Firebox not to be outdone have taken a different approach to the “neglection surviving” plant issue, by means of the Flip-Flop. Like most plants the Flip-Flop needs sunlight to flourish, though the Flip-Flop is a bit different as it needs the light on it’s little solar panels so that it can flap it’s green plastic leaves. I don’t think it’s quite as indestructibly mean as the dinosaur plant as I reckon if you watered it, it would die.

So a common problem has 2 totally different solutions, the prehistoric option from Think Geek or the ultra modern offering of
Firebox, who needs green fingers.