PC Remote Power Switch

Multifunction RemoteI’m struggling to see why anybody would buy this but if you want to turn your PC on from 15 feet away then this could be the gadget for you.

The PC Multifunction Panel with Remote fills a 5 1/4 drive bay, displays a couple of temperatures, has a few extra ports and let’s you reset your PC from 15 paces. The only use I can see of this is if you have a media PC which can’t be powered on by the media remote control, if you can see another use please let us know (or just buy one from Think Geek).

4 thoughts on “PC Remote Power Switch”

  1. I use a slightly different and better method with my mac, I have a bluetooth cell, and it is hooked up with a program that when I am near the computer monitors the phone, so I have an applescript activate and deactivate the password protected screensaver when i come home or when i leave. 🙂 hope someone makes an app that can do this for the PC someday.

  2. Geez…mac users. First of all this actually powers the computer on and off. Sounds like your little script activates the screensaver? Uhh…your joking right? Yeah, that could never be accomplished on a wintel box. Sorry man, but you sit there with your limited amount of software and locked hardware. I will be happy in my blissful ignorance and wealth of options.

  3. just found this thread…i’ve been searching for a remote power switch for a specific application. i’m building a recording workstation for my studio and am putting it into a rack-mount case. most of the cases i’ve come across have a locking door covering the important bits (since they tend to be used as servers) and if i can avoid either having to unlock the door each time i power up (or leaving it open, or removing it) that would be swell. better living through science…or some such nonsense. very interesting.

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