Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Optical Mouse

by Keith

Spelt with a “1” instead of an “i”, this Creative Fatal1ty is what a competitive gamer wants — fast and responsive mouse play in a hardcore virtual battle game. When it comes to gaming, one highly revered name all gamers should be familiar with is Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. With multiple accolades and a number of endorsements under his belt, it is not surprising that more and more budding gamers are aspiring to emulate his success.

The Fatal1ty 1010 has a four-button design, which makes it unconventional in terms of looks. According to Fatal1ty, the fourth button not only provides an additional key for gamers but also helps to improve the ergonomics of the mouse, allowing for what he calls ‘True Grip‘ in that fingers instead of wrist, used to control the mouse for better accuracy. In addition, the side thumb button has been carefully positioned such that your right thumb will rest naturally on the button.

With Creative joining the gaming mouse market, gamers now have even more choices of quality gaming mice to wield in virtual confrontations, such as the Razer Copperhead and Logitech G5. The Creative Fatal1ty 1010 is priced at USD$49.99, which is pretty affordable, I think, an absolutely great value for money. For more demanding gaming mice, there is the top of the range Fatal1ty 2020 which runs on laser technology, at a resolution of 2400 CPI, retailed at USD$69.99.

Depending on what choice you like, gaming mice are no longer the same normal type of roller-ball we used to see in our days 10 years ago.

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functional1ty Says: March 9, 2006 at 1:03 am

excuse me… fatal who?

dude, jus go play your games…

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