Vizrea Snap – First complete photo solution for camera phone users

Vizrea Snap

If you have heard of Flickr before, then then Vizrea will be almost very familar to you. Besides offering photo-sharing, organising, printing and blogging to you, Vizrea also completes the full package by providing the best service, catering especially for camera phone users.

Though it may be rumour, but I heard that some former Microsoft execs. started this photo sharing site, at the same time challenging the class of Flickr which currently offers similar service to users. Though the company may sound new, it is already getting a lot of publicity from several great press and blog sites.

From Vizrea, they offered 2 softwares, available for FREE download; Vizrea Snap for PC, and Vizrea Snap for Camera Phones. Vizrea Snap for PCs help keeps photos (and blog posts, personal video and audio text) in one place. In addition, the features promote easy sharing with friends, help improve photos, adding descriptions and title, and publishing to the Web directly from the desktop. Vizrea Snap for Camera Phones integrates fully with Vizrea Snap for PCs and the web so your photos can be snapped, filed and even shared to the Web instantly and automatically. In addition, photos from PC can be transferred quickly and easily to the web or phone, no matter where you are.

Note that, Vizrea Snap for Camera Phones requires that you have a service plan for your mobile phone that allows Internet browsing.