Personalised Love Hearts

Personal Love Hearts
This has got to be the ultimate thoughtful gift for Valentines Day, personalised silver love hearts and if not you still have 2 weeks left to think of a good excuse.

The personalised love heart is the same shape of a normal love heart (which I’m guessing are international or this post won’t make a lot of sense) but instead of being made from candy it’s made out of solid silver (so don’t go giving one to that special blind person in your life unless you fancy a trip to the dentist).

When ordering the love heart you need to specify the message to be engraved, like “I Love Gadgets” or something. As the heart is so small you don’t need write a love song, just a few special words. This must be the perfect romantic gift to all partners with a name of less than 7 characters :).

Available for £39.95, exclusively from Firebox.