7.7 Megapixel Mobile Phone


7.7 MegaPixel Samsung Mobile Phone
This is just crazy, Samsung are about to release a 7.7 Mega-pixel mobile phone. It’s due out in the Far East shortly and lets hope if it is popular that it will be released both sides of the pond soon after (though sounds doubtful for some reason).

It looks a bit larger than a regular mobile but hey what do you expect, my main digital camera is only 5.1 megapixels and it’s smaller than that. It also offers a larger than normal screen (not sure of exact resolution), optical zoom (which is also a bit special for a mobile) and the usual gubbins of connections. And did we mention it can also make and receive phone calls.

You can find a bit more info on Trusted Reviews and if you can find anything on the Samsung site you can have a job here as a researcher :).

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