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Unlike most internet browsers, i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Netscape, Cibernaut has introduced totally new browsing features into its very own browser, Cibernaut version 2.28. Just like Firefox is based on Mozilla’s source code, Cibernaut is written based on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser engine. Thus, as expected, Cibernaut allows surfing sites that are IE compliance with ease. This includes MSN websites that require only IE browsers to access.

Internet surfing looks fast enough, with the page appearing almost instantly. On top of the interface, there are several integrated features, such as File Explorer, Extract, Edit and News. As IE also allows users to access files in the local hard disk, Cibernaut lets you do a bit more, with the blue background interface, organising the structure in a more systematic manner. The Extract button is an unzip tool that decompress files that are in .zip format. Edit tab opens up your default word editor to edit any page, i.e. HTML or text, to perform editing. The Google News is connected to the News tab on Cibernaut, by default, which is in fact a simple favourite link to the Google News website.

When I first downloaded, the installation file was surprisingly only about 300 Kbytes (KB) in size, which makes me feel quite sceptical about Cibernaut written to be a new browser. The installation takes amazingly less than 1 minute. It seems to me that Cibernaut is all about integrating the features on-board the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS). As such, users may not expect it to appear on Linux systems in the near future.

It is a nice simple browser that access to most part of the Windows system. The only thing I am disappointed with is the lack of “tab-browsing” feature, which I rely on almost all the time, to keep my desktop neat and tidy. The setup file can be downloaded from Cibernaut website. Have fun.

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  1. This looks pretty lame. Firefox can do all that, and more with extensions. I remember neoplanet, the IE skin browser, which had similar capabilities. Who needs a browser with these capabilities when Windows already has them?

    The thing this browser skin *doesn’t* do is fix all the problems IE has: security issues, lack of standards compliance, closed source code.

    Firefox is a much better experience.

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