Oakley’s Thump 2 MP3 Sunglasses

by Keith

Oakley Thump 2

Specially made for a new look, the world’s first digital music eyewear is now available in a new design with the option of even greater memory. Professional Sportswear Makers, Oakley, introduced THUMP 2, a sun glass with integrated MP3 player, built around the hard-edged style of our GASCAN™ eyewear, offering memory storage of up to 1 Gigabyte. That is roughly 240 songs in a fully integrated design that frees you from dangling cords and wires.

Where one could listen to music virtually from anywhere with speaker booms, THUMP 2 offers comfort that adjust easily for a customized fit, and just swing them out of the way when you need to hear your environment. The durable frame is made of lightweight O MATTER®, made for all-day comfort wear. Patented XYZ OPTICS® extends clarity to the lens periphery, allowing for contours that open peripheral vision. Enhanced with its High Definition Optics® (HDO®), it combines with the patented optics and Plutonite® lens material to provide 100% UV filtering and unsurpassed impact protection.


  • Absolute music freedom with no wires or cords to dangle or tangle
  • Store up to 240 songs on the 1 GB version, up to 120 songs on the 512 MB version, or up to 60 songs on the 256 MB version
  • Solid-state NAND flash memory with no moving parts
  • Up to 6 hours of playback time on a single charge
  • Three-color indicator light to show battery level
  • 75MHz DSP with 18-bit Sigma Delta DAC for state-of-the-art audio fidelity
  • Custom Mylar speakers with three directions of movement for precise positioning
  • Patented XYZ OPTICS® for razor sharp clarity at all angles of vision, even at lens periphery
  • Lens contours that maximize protection against sun, wind and side impact
  • PLUTONITE® lens material to filter out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light
  • Durable and lightweight O MATTER® frame material
  • Supports storage of data files along with song files
  • Includes High Speed USB cable for transferring song files from Mac* or Windows PC

Just like other MP3 players, THUMP 2 comes with three storage configuration, i.e. 256MB, 512MB and 1GB of storage, for long-lasting music entertainment. In fact, no additional drivers or software are needed to upload tracks onto the built-in flash memory. A simple drag and drop process in the Windows interface is all it needed to upload the list of music files to the device. From the list of files loaded, MP3, WMA and WAV files are automatically filtered out for playback, regardless if they were stored in individual folders or the root directory.

Three weatherproof rubber buttons and a tiny LED indicator on the right stork provide all the operational controls of the Sunglasses MP3 player, ranging from powering on/off the unit to track navigation. As the LED indicator is the only visual element, it is important that users understand the functionality of different flashing patterns of the LED, interpreting the operating status of the player at any given instance.

In terms of audio quality, the sound was better than expected, in terms of clarity and response. Sports lovers, beach goers and the likes would find it very handy and fashionable. Unfortunately, the price was a little too much, perhaps for the brand which it is commanding. A 1GB version would cost you about US$449.

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