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We’ve seen all sorts of accessories for our trusty iPod, some useful, some cool and others just plain bonkers. This latest little iPod gadget most certainly falls into the really useful category, the myTalker is an interface between your iPod and mobile phone.

The Tekkeon myTalker allows you to receive calls on your mobile via your iPod without the need to juggle devices or remove headphones (in fact you actually listen to the call via the headphones).

The myTalker connects to your iPod (or other supported music player) via the headphone jack and the headphones then plug directly into the myTalker. Next you need to clip it onto your coat or collar so that the integrated microphone can pickup your voice.

So far we’ve not mentioned the mobile, all communication with your phone is done via Bluetooth. This means you can leave your phone in your pocket or suitcase and it should seamlessly communicate with the myTalker. When the phone rings the iPod will pause the song you’re currently listening to and you pick up the call simply by pressing a button on the clip-on controller, so no more missed calls or fumbled toys.

[myTalker found via Trusted Reviews]

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