Hide and Seek Alarm Clock

Clocky Alarm Clock
What’s fluffy, has two wheels and likes to play hide and seek? A clocky, but what exactly is a clocky?

A clocky is a new and irritating way to be woken up in the morning. Like most alarm clocks you can press snooze to get an extra 9 minutes of shut eye, however when the clocky snooze button is pressed it rolls away and tries to hard. So when your 9 minutes is up you’ll have to play your part in the hide and seek game in order to turn it off.

The clocky is only at the prototype stage at the moment but there is an entertaining video of it in action on the Discovery Channel. It reminds me of a cross between a hamster and toilet brush.

Even though the clocky isn’t available yet, you can still buy a clocky t-shirt. I think they need to get their priorities sorted out.

[clocky found via nuevayol]