Lazer Trip Wire

by Anita

Do you have certain rooms or areas that you wish people would stay out of? Do your children want their privacy and are tired of their brothers and sisters sneaking around in their rooms and in their belongings?

Then this Lazer Trip Wire may be your answer to some peace and quiet. With the lazer trip wire, you or your children will be able to set up an invisible perimeter alarm. The alarm uses three light beams, which can be seen, with the use of the water mister. If anyone touches one of these invisible beams, an alarm will sound. Your children will absolutely love having their own security system and you will be able to tell which child is really disturbing the other ones privacy. Sometimes the tattler may be the culprit.

The way the Lazer Trip Wire works is that it is has a set of three devices that speak to each other through harmless light beams. When the light beam is touched or security is breeched, a five second alarm with sound.

Your children can set up the Lazer Trip Wire to protect the doorway of the room, their tree house, or any other area they wish to keep secure. This is a great way for your children to have all kinds of fun if they enjoy playing spy games.

For the best conditions, the Lazer Trip Wire needs low or dark lighting and needs six “AA” batteries. The Lazer Trip Wire will protect around 100 square feet of space and the pods themselves can be arranged 6 to 10 feet apart. If your children need to protect a larger area such as their backyards, you can connect more than one set together to give them this added security.

You do not have to worry about one of your children or a neighbor’s child from being injured. The Lazer Trip Wire uses an infrared light that is similar to the beam of a flashlight. Included in the set is a water mister that will allow you to see the invisible light beam while you are setting up your security.

Sounds like great fun for securing any valuable treasure that your children may possess. Available from ThinkGeek.

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