Three Dimensional Star Atlas

If you are a dreamer and enjoy staring at the stars then you will love this Three Dimensional Star Atlas. Not only will you be able to locate your favorite celestial body but also you will be able to find where they are any time.

You will be able to learn what the sky the looked like on the day you were born, the day you were married or any other special day. Looking at this three dimensional star atlas is just like staring into the sky the exact date and time of any important event in your life.

In the center of the star atlas is a five-inch diameter earth globe that is connected to a knob that rotates so you can align the day you choose. Then you can adjust the horizon ring to achieve the exact horizon level while you use a rotating arm to position the sun.

The outer part is a clear 16-inch diameter sphere that has the stars, constellations, deep sky objects and other celestial features that you can see from earth.

All the stars are classified by their name, the Greek Letter, their brilliance, and how many light years they are from the earth.

The star atlas is designed by a hand blown method using the best museum grade acrylic and the globe has been screen printed by hand.

The Three Dimensional Star Atlas will look handsome sitting on a bookcase of your desk atop the tabletop stand. You will also receive an instruction book that has many interesting constellation stories and other learning experiences from George Lo whom was an astronomy expert and the former editor of “Sky and Telescope Magazine”.

You can find the Three Dimensional Star Atlas online at for $425.95 and enjoy searching the stars from your living room.