Golf-Ball Finding Glasses

How much time do you waste trying to find your golf balls when they land in tall grass, shady areas, and in any rough area? Well, it is about time you quit spending your time searching for golf balls that went astray and enjoyed your golf game. With these cool Golf-Ball Finding Glasses, you will do just that.

The way the lenses work on the Golf-Ball Finding Glasses is that they block the dark colors like brown and green so you can see the lighter colors such as yellow and whites. Okay, for the technical stuff, long wavelengths are dark colors while short wavelengths are lighter colors. So, when you are wearing these glasses your golf balls that are more than likely white will show up so much easier as the darker shaded areas will not be hiding them.

This may even help you out with all those penalty strokes so you can lower your score.

Two nuclear engineers that enjoyed playing golf but became so tired of losing their golf balls all the time in the rough created these Golf-Ball Finding Glasses in Canada. Again with technical information. The light-sensitive pigmented lenses are patented and work on the principles of visual physiology. When you are searching large areas such as the golf course, you may not see what is right in front of you, because this is a lot of information for your visual perception. But, if you filter out the darker shades of colors this gives your brain less to process so your golf ball will stand out.

The research and development of these unique Golf-Ball Finding Glasses lasted 6 years. They are created with a plastic resin frame that form fit so they are more comfortable to wear and the unique wrap around style will stop peripheral light.

For any golfer these Golf-Ball Finding Glasses would be a wonderful surprise as a gift. You can find them online for around $40.00.