Flaming Plasma Cabinet


Fireplace with a visible plasma
This is just cool, a fireplace that with a flick of a switch can hide or reveal your 50″ plasma display.

When the plasma is hidden the fireplace looks just like any other regular (but expensive) fireplace but upon hitting a button your plasma will slowing glide up out of the top, ready to entertain.

Fireplace with a concealed plasma
This is great for people that are ashamed at only having last years model and want to hide it away when their posh friends come round 🙂 It also means that the fireplace will be the focal point of the room instead of the goggle box (like in the old days). As ideas go I do find this really cool, though I’d be a bit concerned of my £2K+ plasma being that close to heat and naked flame.

As you’d expect these don’t come cheap and could quite easily cost more than your plasma display, but hey just look at what you get and say you don’t want one (honestly) 🙂

Available from Picture House.
Plasma Cabinet

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