Federal Agent’s Convertible Travel Jacket

by Anita

You can own a jacket just like the federal law enforcement agents. You may wonder you would want to and the answer is quite simple. This jacket has 52 pockets with many of them concealed that will hold any electronic device or other items you wish to carry. There are hidden conduits in side the lining that will give you the opportunity to thread and organize all those wires so they do not tangle. The jacket is waterproof and breathable at the same. If you are going through airport security, they will be able to see every time that you are carrying because the X-ray can see through the jacket. This will save you time when you are on urgent spy business and just don’t have the time to remove all your cool spy stuff for them to check out.

Each pocket is specifically designed for your MP3 player, cell phone, PDA, wallet, keys, water bottle, pens, sunglasses and even more. Each compartment also has a non-scratch lining and will easily open and close with magnetic closures.

Other features of the Federal Agent’s Convertible Travel Jacket include not only the 52 concealed pockets, but also DCC+ ZIP, baseball hat holder, BadgeGrabber, hanging pockets, change pockets, bottle holders, removable hood, CollarConnect, eyeglass chamois, magnetic wind flap, hidden sleeve pockets, removable sleeves, collar loops, 2-way front zipper, side seams zipper, weight management system, 2 key holders, back pocket, battery holders, earbud pockets and the ability to zip in fleece liner.

The jacket is comfortable and will be almost the only item you will need for short trips except maybe a change of clothing. You can find this awesome jacket online at hammacher.com and choose from the size and color that you like. The jacket is also machine washable but should not be worn by person’s wearing pacemakers as it does contain batteries. The price for this cool gadget is $229.95.

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