Board Game to Teach Programming

Programming GameI do enjoy playing board games (I am the monopoly king) but this one is probably a bit too close to the day job to be fun, a Computer Programming Board Game.

The game is based around sking and programming (not sure on that connection), with the start of a ski trail being an opening brace { and the finish line the closing brace } which will certainly be familiar to any C or PHP coders.

The game aims to teach some of the flow control logic in programming covers such things like switch, case, if, else, return and the dreaded goto. The rules of the game seem pretty good and they do make sense in a programming sort of way, though how fun it will be I’m not so sure.

The game is aimed at 12 and overs which may be doing youngsters a bit of an injustice, I know a few 12 year olds that are better coders than people I work with (maybe I should of got them this for Christmas:)).

[Computer Programming Board Game found via Gran Angular]

1 thought on “Board Game to Teach Programming”

  1. Hah, this is cool. 😀

    I wonder how boring it gets if:
    a. You already know the stuff, and
    b. You’ve played more than twice. 😛

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