Snore Stopper

Many people are the butt of jokes because of their snoring, but those that have to sleep with a person that snores it is not a joking matter. Even some snorers wake themselves up snoring throughout the night. With the snore stopper, you and your partner can both get a good nights sleep.

The snore stopper is not one of those medications that has side effects or anything else that can harm your body. This is a very simple gadget that you wear on your wrist at night while you are sleeping that is similar to a watch.

With the newest technology around the snore stopper can recognize when you are snoring through the noise generated and then will stimulate the nerves in your wrist, then will cause you to change positions resulting in you stopping snoring. The stimulation on the nerves in your wrist will work with your sub-consciousness and will not wake you or cause any harm to your wrist or body.

The snore stopper has a very sensitive microphone that will detect the minute you begin to snore, it will then send electronic pulses to your wrist. This pulses work like when your partner shakes you to make you roll over so you quit snoring. Only, the snore stopper will be a bit gentler, you will not find yourself on the floor. The snore stopper will not even wake you; you will just roll over and sleep sound.

The snore stopper has two levels of intensity. The normal one works great for most people and level that is a bit more powerful for those that need just a bit more convincing to roll over.

All features of the snore stopper include the push button for intensity, will run all by itself for 8 hours, and comes with the contact gel and the battery.

You can find the snore stopper at The Gadget Store for £9.95.