The Cranium Keyring


Cranium on your key ring
I’ve enjoyed playing the Cranium board game for a number of years and it’s great as an ice breaker at parties or for making mates make complete fools of them selves (I still get stick today for when I had a game about 5 years ago and I had to hum the Bohemian Rhapsody. My mind went totally blank and I couldn’t remember how it went (though it was an alcohol fueled evening)).

You maybe wondering why this relatively old but classic board game is on here as a new gadget, well they’ve just made a version of [tag]Craniumt[/tag] that fits on you keyring.

This is a pretty cool variant, and I’m sure it would come in useful when visiting dull relatives, as the conversation dries up you can get keys out and instead of running for the door have a quick game. Even the most boring and grumpiest of relatives find it hard to keep a straight face when trying to make a snooker table out of plasticine.

In the tiny box (2.7cm(H) x 7.6cm(W) x 7.6cm(D)) they’ve some how managed to squeeze in the following:

  • 1 x Game-board (inside lid)
  • 80 x Game-cards
  • 1 x Paper pad
  • 2 x Pencils
  • 1 x Tub of Cranium Clay
  • 4 x Game pieces
  • 1 x Die
  • 1 x Timer
  • 1 x Rules sheet

They also offer a more childish version called Cadoo which is aimed at kids but I’m sure can be equally enjoyed by adults alike. Both [tag]games[/tag] are available in the UK from Firebox

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