Reversing made Easy with a VideoMirror


Reversing Mirror
When it comes to parking the car I’m certainly not top of the tree ability wise, which is one of the reasons I was pleasantly impressed when I saw the VideoMirror.

The VideoMirror is basically a LCD screen that is hidden inside a conventional (but slightly thicker) rear view mirror. The magic happens when you put the car into reverse and the LCD displays slides out showing you (via a camera at the back) exactly what is happening behind you. This little device could certainly help avoid a few scrapes and scratches to your motor.

[Magnado via a quality Sunday paper]

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John Anderson Says: January 11, 2006 at 6:15 pm

Good idea, once it gets into after-market so I can put it on my car (assuming it is affordable). And has a hood or something, like those on [older] traffic lights, to keep snowwat a minimum.

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