Interactive Street Muttz

by Anita

Would you like to give a cute little mutt a home, one that will not have to be taken outside, no worries about feeding them, or them not chewing up your house slippers? Then you must take give one of the interactive Street Muttz a home and get them off the street!

They are not only cute and adorable but will interactive with you as well. With the interactive chip, they will know any time you are close by and they will come to life. Your cute pup will be able to make various noises and even tilt his head as if he is listening to your every word. Nevertheless, beware if you tug on his nose he will let out a furious growl.

Once you see their cute little faces, you are sure to want to take one home and get them off the streets. The streets are a hard life for any dog even a robot dog that feels unloved and unwanted. Left alone to fend for themselves is no way to treat this adorable street Muttz.

When you purchase an interactive street muttz you will not only receive an adorable easy to care for pet you will receive his adoptions papers, a form to register your Street Muttz and in doing so aid the Dogs Trust registered charity. He will also bring along his own private brush so you can keep him groomed and looking his best. He will be so happy to be living in your home and will converse with you by whimpering, soft whining, snoring, playful growling, barking, a waking up noise and of course happy panting.

You can give your street Muttz a bath by using a damp sponge with warm soap and water and then let him out to dry. The only thing you will need to enjoy your sweet new puppy is to install the three “AA” batteries that he brings along.

You will be able to adopt one of the Interactive Street Muttz by visiting here and paying the adoption fees of £19.99 or $32.18USD.

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