Motion Sensing Message Player


How would you like to plan a diet and really be able to stick to it this time? This motion sensing message player may help you do the trick if you listen to your own words.

You can attach the motion sensing message player on the refrigerator door and every time you move in front of it, you will hear your own message. You can record such motivating words like “I want that new bikini”, “I will lose 10 pounds”, or comical ones such as “Hello, fatty.” The choice is yours.

Not only is this a great gadget for people on a diet, but it can be used for all kinds of cool reasons. You can record important messages, scare the kids into staying out of your personal papers, or even as a security device. You can use the motion sensing message player to play either the message or just light up as someone moves in front of the unit.

The motion sensing message player comes complete with a cradle, hanger and magnet fixed to the back for easy placement.

Kids would love to have it for protecting their rooms from intruders or for playing some great practical jokes on their friends or teachers.

You could even use it for remember important dates while you are at work. If your anniversary is coming up, you could record a message so you would remember to at least order flowers and have them delivered to your wife. Just place the motion sensing message player close to where you work and every time you move in front of it, you will hear the message “order flowers.” That should be enough of a hint or you will still find yourself sleeping in the doghouse.

You can find this motion sensing message player online at for £14.99 or $28.42USD.