World’s First Hard Drive with Clear Window Cover

by Keith

WD Raptor X

Introducing Western Digital Corporation’s latest innovation to introduce the world’s first and only clear cover hard disk drive. Finally, IT enthusiats will not neeed to mess around with Dremel tools and Lexan, at the expense of destroying data in the hard drive, in order to have a clear view of what is going on inside the hard disk.

The Raptor X 150GB SATA hard drive has a 10,000 RPM with 4.6ms seek time. Bundled with 16MB buffer and a clear window made of special polycarbonate lens with ESD-dissipative coating, the lens is designed to allow case modders and users to see the drive platters and heads without sacrificing data integrity.

Performance Specification:

  • Rotational Speed: 10,000 RPM (nominal)
  • Buffer Size: 16 MB
  • Average Latency: 2.99 ms (nominal)
  • Contact Start/Stop Cycles: 20,000 minimum
  • Read Seek Time: 4.6 ms
  • Write Seek Time: 5.2 ms (average)
  • Track-To-Track Seek Time: 0.4 ms (average)
  • Full Stroke Seek: 10.2 ms (average)
  • Buffer To Host (Serial ATA): 1.5 Gb/s (Max)
  • Buffer To Disk: 816 Mbits/s (Max)
  • Buffer To Disk: 72 MB/s (Sustained)

Additional specifications can be found here:

Currently, the WD Raptor X is priced at US$349.99. The 150GB SATA drive is worth the value for money, if you are a PC exhibitionist, who would display a clear transparent view of your Personal Computer for others to see.

Transparent Bare PC casing

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